Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peri feat. Santa, Volume 2: The Claus

I grabbed the rest of the pictures the elves took of Peri with Santa, and of the ten or so, I thought this one was absolutely the best. I think it fully illustrates Peri's favorite activity at this age (putting things in her mouth) along with the complete benevolence of the world's most famous delivery man.

Got to pack for our trip this weekend.


Peri feat. Santa

Here's Peri with Santa when he came to visit the Decagon Christmas party. It turns out Santa used to deliver my mail when I lived on Gaines Rd. She's looking great in her Christmas dress (thing about little girls is that they get Christmas dresses, which is awesome). Anyways, I'm at work, so...

Gary, out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peri can roll over!

Peri rolled over all by herself today! We're so excited, but realize that now it's going to be extra hard to get her to do tummy time. And it's going to be hard to convince her that it's a fun time to roll over from back to tummy too.

We'll worry about that later though, right now we're just really jazzed that Peri has learned another new thing!

She's also really interested in her feet of late, and it's really fun to watch her try to grab her feet with her hands. She ends up putting herself in the funniest situations since she still has yet to learn how to keep herself upright.

I'll just have to take lots of pictures because she's growing so fast!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

bis Aufwiedersehen

Our greatest friends, Adam and Bridget, are moving to Wichita, KS very soon; the movers come for their stuff on Monday. We drove up yesterday with Alex to celebrate with them. I must say, we had a very lovely time. I must also say the Peri was very good the entire trip as well. She hardly screamed or squalled at all, and slept most of the way there and all the way home. When we got home at 8:00, she promptly dropped out into sleep again.

Furthermore, Peri is a big hit with Adam's sister and cousins. She also had a lot of fun with Bridget.

I will miss Adam and Bridget very much. They have been a big part of my life for almost six years now, and while it's not as though they're gone gone, they're not just eighty miles up the road anymore. That's all right though.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peri likes Paper

So Peri has been extra cute this week. Most notably, she's decided that her new favorite toy is paper, or anything like paper. Here a few pictures of her cuteness:

Oh? What is this?

Don't mind if I do.

I'm almost positive that I'm not supposed to give Peri newspaper because of the ink or something, but despite photographic evidence, it doesn't make it into her mouth all that often, so as long as it's not an all-the-time thing, I don't see the harm. It makes her happy.

Actually the best illustration of exactly how much Peri likes paper is this: She was propped up in the corner of the couch as I was going through some old sheet music I had in the Christmas box for some reason. She leaned forward so far that she fell on her face, and then wiggled about until she was as close to the paper as she could get, then proceeded to put individual papers in her mouth before throwing them off the couch one by one. Basically she had tummy time all by herself. For those of you who don't know this, Peri HATES HATES HATES tummy time. Apparently the paper thing overrides this intense dislike, at least for a little while.
Almost there...

Next, Gary and I were eating generic Nilla Wafers in the living room, and when we were done, we put it on the floor above Peri's head. She went nuts trying to get this box. Eventually I took pity on her and put the box within arm's reach.

ooooo, a box!

Action shot!

I am literally going to eat this entire box!

So that is our cute paper-eating Peri. The End.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Peri's Four-month Checkup

Peri just went to the doctor for her 4-month well child checkup, and I like to brag about how big she's getting!

She weighed in at 15lbs 13oz which is in the 86th percentile, and she's 26 1/2 inches tall, which is in the 97th percentile! She's so big and can do so many things now!

Probably the cutest and simultaneously not cute thing she does is pitch a fit every time I do something she doesn't particularly care for. Putting her clothes on, for example, gets me some very funny "not cool mom" shrieks. I think it's funny for now, but it can only bode a very big temper later on. We'll see how we deal with that when the time comes.

Gary is very excited that she is vocal and can tell us what she wants and doesn't want by her reactions. He enjoys the communication and the random babbling. We love our beautiful baby!

Peri's Baby Blessing

First of all, Thanksgiving family picture:

 This isn't everyone who was there, but it is my immediate family. Top row from left: Lawrence (brother Sam's current partner), my oldest brother Samuel, my older brother Peter, niece Jeilyn, younger brother Benjamin, nephew Kinton, Gary, Myself, Peri, my mother Kathleen, my older sister Sarah, and my oldest sister Katrina. It's a pretty okay family. Kinton and Jeilyn, despite looking like they could be Gary and my offspring, are actually Sarah's children.

So, Peri was blessed over Thanksgiving weekend! It was the most convenient time, and it was almost spur-of-the-moment. My brother Ben blessed her. He just got his Melchezidek Priesthood a couple weeks before, and he was very excited and glad to do it for us. It was his very first blessing, and he got all teary-eyed. It was a good feeling all around.

Ben is Peri's favorite Uncle. He can make her laugh more than anyone.

Anyone reading this probably doesn't care who these people are, but this is everyone who came to Peri's blessing: From left to right: Katrina, Benjamin, Jeilyn, Sarah, Kathleen, Peri, Me, Gary, Kinton, my aunt Karyl, my aunt Barbara, Karyl's husband David (I also have an uncle David... it gets confusing sometimes) and my cousin Acea.
My niece and nephew Jeilyn and Kinton. They are so cute.

Desert Bus and Other Holiday Activities

Once a year, our favorite Canadian comedy troupe holds a fundraiser for Child's Play charity. (If you are unfamiliar with Child's Play, their page can be found here.) The troupe: Loading Ready Run. The fundraiser: Desert Bus for Hope. It boils down to a week-long telethon where the crew and friends auction off fun stuff (including fan-submitted art and craft projects), sing songs and dance, take phone calls from "internet people" and other geek celebrities, and just have a good time. This year, they raised nearly $400,000 over six days, which is really impressive considering five years ago when they started they were hoping to come out with a few thousand dollars.

We caught a fair amount of it this year. It's one of those things one can turn on and leave running in the background. Our attention did perk up whenever they had a live auction or did a song-and-dance number. We were amazed to see some of the craft items sold for three or four thousand dollars. It was great to see the good will of so many people. Which brings me to my thesis: The best part of Desert Bus is the community they build. Naomi and I felt like we could crawl through the screen, find some space on the couch, and hang out with these people. It's hard to say that about a lot of folks.

Anyways, I think Naomi pretty well covered Thanksgiving weekend. All I have to say is I didn't think there would be many folks at Jo-Ann Fabric on Friday morning. The siren call of inexpensive fabric and cheap picture frames drew in quite the crowd though.

We went to the Decagon Family Christmas party on Thursday. There were nearly three hundred people in attendance, with one hundred employees and their families. Understand that most parties at Decagon are just a pretense for dessert contests. Yes, the prime rib, tenderloin, and ham were great, but the real party is in the selection of over a hundred kinds of pie, cake, cookie, torte, trifle, and brownie. A perennial favorite are Uncle Russ's jalapeƱo brownies.

Baby Peri certainly had a good time. She got to see all the great people at work who ask me about her two or three times a day. She got to wear her sparkly Christmas dress (which I guess is a thing little girls get to do) and she got to sit with Santa (who used to deliver my mail when I lived on Gaines Rd.) Santa's photography elves haven't gotten their shots back to us, but Peri sure did look cute.

We bought her a Bumbo chair and a jungle play set so as to better facilitate her "hanging out" with us. Now Peri can sit at the table with us when we do crafts, like making ornaments as a family.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Madness!!!

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Spokane with my family. It was rather larger than normal, with 13 people all crammed into my Aunt Barbara's living room. It was a tight squeeze but we managed, and we had a nice time!

Gary was introduced to our family's favorite Thanksgiving pastime: looking at Black Friday ads. This is a big deal in my family, as most of our Christmas gifts are bought on Black Friday. We also get Christmas money from our Uncle David to spend during the sales if we want. Now that I'm married, I get more money, but I have to share it with my family. *Sigh* :D

 Anyways, we all spend time looking at the ads, and then we write down what we want, where it is, how much, and when the sale starts, and Barbara goes through them all and hands out assignments and money to whoever is going shopping in  the morning.  My sister Sarah and I woke up at 2:30am to go shopping at JC Penny's, which was pretty laid back as far as Black Friday goes,because most people think it opens at 4am instead of 3am. So lucky us. Poor Aunt Barb started shopping at midnight and didn't get done until 9am! She didn't have as much help as she usually does because people are either getting old and boring (or they just like their sleep or something) or they had to work.

Later in the day after we went back to collect Gary and Peri, we went to Jo Ann's at 6am. we waited in line for 2 hours to get fabric cut. It was pretty horrible, but we found ways to  make  the time go. I'm sure the other people in line wished we would be quiet  though! Anyway, it was a lot of fun, we got most everything we wanted to get, and we had a lot of quality shopping/bonding time.

Peri also got to spend a lot of time with her Oma, many aunts and uncles, and also her cousins, who are very jazzed now that Peri is awake and happy to be played with. Jeilyn, who is 6 years older than Peri, is especially doting; she loves to coo at Peri and entertain her with toys.  Jeilyn's brother, who is 3 years older than Peri, loves to stroke her hair and steal her toys. Most of the time Peri doesn't mind.

I would have pictures of the whole fandango, but we forgot our camera. We did take family pictures though, since Thanksgiving is the only time everyone in my family is present. This year Peri and Gary got to be in it! So I'll post that as soon as I get it from my aunt.

We had a lovely time, and we're looking forward to going to see Grandma for Christmas this year!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Cold!

Just wanted to run a quick update and say how cold it's getting. We've been taking advantage of the fireplace in our living room and the stack of wood out in our carport. We've been spending a lot more time just being cozy in the living room. Yesterday I came home with the window shrink wrap kit and now we are in a nice, warm and cozy little place.

It started to sort-of snow the other day, and it was forecast to continue through the weekend. I'm so glad for the sunshine though. Hopefully that persists for a while.

Peri is starting to get cranky more often nowadays, and the only solution we can come up with is to pick her up and walk around the house with her. She likes it when I take her over to the mirror in the hall so she can look at herself.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving!

Here are a few more pictures of our Halloween fun!

Gary working on Peri's pumpkin

Peri was very interested in Gary's pumpkin. She kept reaching out to touch it.

My pumpkin! He's a little goofy looking.

Gary's pumpkin.

Peri's pumpkin.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Peri Can Sit Up

If we support her on the sides, Peri can mostly sit up. She is really excited to look around and be a part of the grown-up world. She keeps getting cuter all the time.

First Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This is of course Peri's first, and we went to the ward Halloween party on Friday to take her Trunk-or-Treating. We felt a little bit like schmucks, because obviously she is a little too young to be eating any of the candy, but we went anyway. We dressed her up as a ninja, and she was the cutest (and most dangerous) baby ninja there ever was.

There is a story behind this costume. We've had it in mind since before Peri was born. Gary tells it best.

Gary: Way back when Naomi was pregnant, when she first started feeling kicks and punches and general baby-sized gymnastics going on, Naomi could swear there were two of them in there. She would feel a kick in the upper left side and then instantly feel a kick in the lower right side. No way one baby could be that fast.

At the ultrasound where we found out that it was a baby Peri, we learned that it was definitely one. One baby. Or maybe two babies, one of them a skilled ninja, shadowing Peri's movements exactly so the ultrasound tech could never find him. We referred to this phenomenon as "ninja brother".

At the third ultrasound, we saw there was no more room for a ninja brother to be in there. We envisioned at Peri's birth we would see a teeny-tiny little shuriken break the window, then a teeny-tiny little grappling hook land in the room, then a teeny-tiny ninja, wearing a tenny-tiny shinobi shizoku would swing into our arms, where he would then become just a baby, and Peri's ninja brother.

This did not happen on July 22. Our Peri is an only child for now.

Naomi: Okay. So in the absence of a little ninja brother, we decided to dress Peri up as the Littlest Ninja.We made her costume complete with a little plush ninjato and a pair of plush shuriken. It was pretty much adorable. This is what she looked like.
Practicing her ninjitsu

trying to fool us into thinking she's just an ordinary  baby.

3 Months!

Our baby Peri turned 3 months a couple weeks ago, and she is getting bigger and cuter by the day! She makes so many sounds and is so close to laughing for us (she actually laughs sometimes in her sleep, but we haven't had a really good laugh when she is awake yet)! She's starting to put things other than her hands in her mouth, and she can hold her head up 90 degrees fairly consistently now. This achievement is admittedly a little on the late side, but it took us the longest time to get her to try to hold her head up at all. She's a very stubborn baby. She's also beginning to try to roll over from tummy to back! She gets pretty close sometimes, but then gets mad and gives up by putting her head on the floor, lying still and crying her little lungs out until one of us comes and saves her. It does seem she's starting to enjoy it more though, now that she can lift her head and look at things while she lays there.

Something that we think is pretty cool: she likes to look at the TV when we watch something. It's fun to see how transfixed she is with the movement and colors.

A few pictures I took of here having tummy time:

Oh. Hi Mom.
Sneaking up on her as she watches Three Men and a Little Lady

This movie is soooo good.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Peri!

Three posts in one day! I don't know if we can keep up this momentum. Basically, this week has been a week of Peri trying new things. We've set her up in an array of pillows so she can sit with us, we put her in her jumpy-thing more often, and just now, we tried rice cereal with her.

Peri saw the spoon and she just went for it. Opened her mouth nice and wide and let us pour in the gruel. She had a little difficulty swallowing, but didn't spit much of it back out. She started getting really irate after a few spoonfuls, so we stopped for the night, but we're going to try again tomorrow.

Uncle Ben came down from Spokane to visit us and Derek, and it was nice to have him. He just left, so now we're winding down for the evening.

All in all, it's been a good weekend...

gw, out.

Oh yeah, I have a mustache.

Some More Photos of Peri

We just dumped the memory card on our camera, so I thought I'd share some photos of Peri.

I like this one because Peri looks so soft and cozy.

Peri got a hold of my favorite hat.

The only door frame where we can hang her jumpy-thing happens to be the kitchen closet.

I try to keep Peri well-dressed. Here she is before church in front of the shelves I put up yesterday. We decided we needed a better place to put our board games and sewing supplies, and I had some pine out in the workshop, so we bought some decorative brackets and here we are.

Peri Sleeps Through the Night!

Well, here she is sleeping in the daytime. Because, well, we're asleep at night ourselves... We woke up the other morning and realized that it had been seven hours. We rejoiced a little.

Peri can also do some other cool tricks. She can lift her head all the way up when she's on her tummy. She can sit up with a little help from pillows and things. She loves to stand up when we hold her hands, and she gets a big kick out of pretending to walk with us.

Naomi found some cool software online that lets the user lay out a room. She took measurements of everything and lined it up and we learned that our living room was very poorly laid out. So, we've been rearranging the furniture. Yesterday I built some shelves for one corner of the room, and they were populated within ten minutes of completion.

Our good good friend Derek came home from serving a full-time mission this week. I took a half-day from work and we drove up to greet him at the airport. Yesterday we screwed around a little and we helped him assemble a desk for his room. I'm just really excited to get my cycling partner back.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Early Work

My boss asked some of us whether we're cool with coming in an hour early most days. Living as close as I do to work and with the girls usually asleep anyways, I volunteered. Just wanted to lay down a quick update before I head to work.

We've got a lot of product that is currently halted at work, which means backed-up and now a couple of canceled orders. We may have gotten to the bottom of the problem though, so that's good. I know production will appreciate getting back on track.

Started work on my hakama yesterday between conference sessions. Basically, I'm making a custom pair of really comfortable pants, typically used for the sport of kendo, but in this case I'm wearing them as part of a Halloween costume. Little Peri is the littlest ninja warrior for Halloween, and Naomi is a Roma this year... Needless to say, we spend our Friday nights at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Quick Update

We traveled again this week, back over to my mom's. This time was for my grandmother's funeral. I took three days off from work and we left Tuesday morning at 5:00, stopping to feed Peri three times along the way. It worked out perfectly.

We got to my mom's around lunchtime and were greeted by a pair of tutu-clad nieces, Michelle and Lena. Mom had the forethought to make sure Peri had a tutu too (two, to, tew?). We got squared away in our room and I got to hang out with the little girls. Michelle is what we'd call "a pistol". She had us playing outside, running down to our storage shed to bring up the little kids' table and chair set for the patio. Then it was imaginary culinary school, then nap-time. Michelle also managed to catch on to the naming convention when we're in Steilacoom...

I'm named after my uncle, and as long as I can remember, my uncle has been "Big Gary" and I've been "Little Gary". Michelle heard us mention this, and from that point on, it was "Hey, Little Gary, let's go outside and play!" or "Little Gary, where's Cousin Peri?" I think the absolute cutest thing I heard all last week was Michelle beckoning me "Come along, little fella'." She's about the cutest little girl in her age bracket (Peri of course taking home the overall prize in the Cute Contest).

My niece Lena is a little less vocal (she being just under 18 months, not yet as articulate, and a little wobbly on her feet), so she provided a refreshing way to spend the downtime. Peri enjoyed the attention from her cousins and perhaps next year will be big enough to keep up with her cousins.

My mom worked really hard to put on a lovely, simple funeral for my grandmother. She wanted a graveside service and a simple reception at the house afterward. And that is exactly what my mom made happen. We moved a lot of furniture around and had some pictures printed of Grandma to scatter throughout the house, along with her woodcarvings, paintings, quilts, and knit hats. My brother and sister-in-law had the great idea to have a really good photograph of Grandma (back when she was young) restored, blown up, and framed. My copy now resides in our living room.

A lot of people attended the funeral service. A lot of people I hadn't seen in years; some I had never met, yet heard a lot about. It was neat to see these household names standing together and celebrating a great woman.

I'll post excerpts from her obituary here:
EDITH FULLER REESE 1915-2011 Edith Fuller Reese was born April 17, 1915 on a dry farm at Stone in Southern Idaho the second daughter and third child of Amos Levi and Agnes Park Brockbank Fuller. Her parents were pioneers of Utah with grandparents crossing the plains in the 1840s and 1850s.

...After graduation from high school Edith worked one winter in Salt Lake City and in 1935 married Perry Leland Reese whose father happened to be the town marshal of Smithfield. The law was part of her family for her grandfather, Isaac Brockbank served for a time as sheriff of Salt Lake County, Utah and later twice as deputy sheriff. Perry's health was also poor having suffered illness during the flu epidemic of 1918...

...After Perry received training as a watch maker he secured employment at Hill Army Airfield and in 1941 took a job at McChord Army Air Field near Tacoma when Edith and their two sons James Rex and Gary joined him the next year.

Perry worked in the defense industry during the war at both McChord and Fort Lewis and after the war secured a job with the Boeing Airplane Company where he worked until 1953 when he died leaving a young widow and three children, daughter Elaine joined the family in 1945 and became the apple of her daddy's eye.

Edith had been working off and on for a friend but decided to go back to school to obtain a teaching degree. She attended classes at Pacific Lutheran College and in 1956 took her family to Provo where she completed her degree in 1958. She also attended school in Oregon and was invited to attend the Merrill Palmer School in Detroit one winter. She returned to Tacoma and obtained employment at the newly established Iva Alice Mann Junior High School where she worked in the home economics department and later as the library lady at the Hillside School also in the Clover Park School District after receiving additional training at the University of Puget Sound. After a twenty year career in teaching she retired to an older home in Steilacoom where the house and garden were improved to her specifications.

...Always active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints she served as a Relief Society President, three times as a Young Women President, taught Sunday School and was active in the Young Single Adult program in Tacoma.

...She loved working in her garden and pursued many hobbies. She painted in oils, quilted, carved in wood and during the last few years she knitted caps for surgical cases at Mary Bridge Hospital and had recently finished another twenty caps for the children. She had wanted to live as long as her grandmother, Mary Ann Park Brockbank, who was the last 1847 pioneer of Utah but came two years short.

What I appreciate about my grandmother is how she was always getting "into" things. I once found a kit in the basement that was full of beads and beading supplies. When I asked her about it, she said "Oh yeah, a friend and I wanted to get into beading." I always viewed her as an artisan, a practical artist. She painted, she sewed, she carved wood, she quilted, she knitted, she cooked, she baked. This was something she instilled in her children and in my brother and me.

I appreciate that she worked so hard her entire life long so that she could provide for her family.

I find myself without more words on this subject, so I will make an end for now.

We left Thursday morning to head back toward home, and eventually made it. We had to stop more frequently for Peri to nurse; one of those stops being the Carter's Outlet in North Bend. Let's just say that we had a good time and got Peri some cute dresses to wear.

It was fortunate that we stopped when and where we did, because there was a large accident on I-90 that happened shortly before we got to that point. Could have been us... We were definitely protected and watched after on this trip. After a lot more stopping, we made it home twelve hours after we left my mom's house.

I am grateful for so much, and this trip has made me remember that...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Combat Fishing and Other Activities

Naomi already touched on many of the highlights from our recent trip around the state, and I wanted to fill in on some things that were interesting.

I've been heading to work early and working long days the last few weeks, mostly because of my position as a guy who knows what's going on. There have been some departmental changes recently and I'm getting some additional training on some equipment and processes and in turn giving some training on more equipment and processes.

A new project coming down the pipe for me is to figure out how to consistently produce and shape little ceramic discs for a sensor we manufacture. I tell people on tours that a lot of what we do is really artisan in nature, the ceramic discs (each one about the size of a silver dollar) being no exception.

Damaged tools like this certainly don't help the situation much.

Anyways, it's going to mean a lot of research into ceramics, bulk powder mixing, and the like. I think I'm going to like it.

Needless to say, it was good to get out and spend some time away from home. Our Saturday in Spokane led to a lot of running around. We bought a couple boxes of peaches with another co-worker of mine. She was nice enough to take them home and put them up in jars for us. Benjamin and I ran by the Pull and Save, looking for parts for his car. Every time we go, I make sure to tell him he "sure can show a lady a good time."

We spent all of Sunday traveling. Driving with Peri is pretty interesting. We had to stop about every hour, which means seeing a lot of the countryside. We made stops in Moses Lake, Grandpa's house in Vantage, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, and finally stopped for the night in North Bend.

Monday meant salmon fishing. I'd been looking forward to it for a few months, and got right into it. Naomi and Peri went and hung out with my friend's wife and their two little girls.

Unfortunately, the fishing wasn't that great, and a lot of the guys down at the river were coming away empty-handed. I call this combat fishing because of the crowds in the water. You situate yourself hip-deep in the river about five feet up from the next guy and try to cast without snagging your line. After a couple hours of tossing lines out, a fellow fisherman came and gave us a little Coho salmon. He forgot to bring a cooler and didn't want it to go to waste. So, I didn't catch anything, but still managed to bring home dinner.

To conclude my post for now, Peri got to meet Grandma for the first time.
Peri really loves Grandma... And Grandma loves Peri.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Adventures

So we were quite busy during Labor Day weekend. It might have been because we slightly over planned our days.

On September 1st, our friend Samm Child's son Boston celebrated his 1st birthday! It was so cute! They had an Eric Carl's "Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed birthday! The food was based on all the things the caterpillar ate throughout the story, so it was all very good! Boston got a lot of caterpillar-themed gifts and he just loved them all. It was great fun and we had a really good time. Gary said he wanted to steal the theme for his next birthday too! We'll see. 

Gary took a half day on Friday and we went to Spokane for Adam Sweeney's 29th birthday party. It was a lot of fun, and pretty funny to us because for a little while Peri was literally the center of attention. We put her on the floor so she could have some tummy-time, and everybody just sat in a circle and watched her for a while. Then Adam's mum came in and told us all to eat dinner. It was really really good! We always enjoy Adam's mum's cooking.

Gary also made plans with one of his co-workers to go fishing for salmon on the Puyallup River, and they had a great time! Gary even brought home a fish for us to eat! We baked it and ate it with veggies and it was sooo good! And since we were going to the west side anyway, we got to introduce Peri to Gary's parents! They were of course suitably taken with her.

Unfortunately, while we were there, Gary's grandmother became ill, and after a few days in the hospital, she passed away. It was an unfortunate and sad end to our weekend. The doctor's and nurses said she was perfectly healthy at the end though, so we feel that perhaps she just wanted to go home. He's trying to see it as a happy occasion, even though he'll miss her very much. We'll be going back in a couple days for the funeral, and hopefully we'll have an uplifting experience as his family mourns.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Many Faces of Peri

So, because Peri makes so many silly and cute faces, and also because Peri's Grandma Jackson requests more pictures of Peri, I have decided to make a blog all about Peri-faces. She is too cute. These were taken when she was about 4 or 5 weeks old. Now everyone can enjoy the many faces of Peri!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

This is a pretty normal Peri face. She's just chillin'.

She does this thing where she squints at you with one eye.

She also looks at you out of the corner of her eye whilst making them as big as possible.

She thinks very hard about things.

She goes cross-eyed when she's excited about something. Usually food.

She's in the middle of sneezing.
Smiley goofy happy face.
This is what she looks like just before she spits up all over mommy!
Big Yawn!
Sad (mad?) baby.
The best. face. ever.