Monday, October 31, 2011

Peri Can Sit Up

If we support her on the sides, Peri can mostly sit up. She is really excited to look around and be a part of the grown-up world. She keeps getting cuter all the time.

First Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This is of course Peri's first, and we went to the ward Halloween party on Friday to take her Trunk-or-Treating. We felt a little bit like schmucks, because obviously she is a little too young to be eating any of the candy, but we went anyway. We dressed her up as a ninja, and she was the cutest (and most dangerous) baby ninja there ever was.

There is a story behind this costume. We've had it in mind since before Peri was born. Gary tells it best.

Gary: Way back when Naomi was pregnant, when she first started feeling kicks and punches and general baby-sized gymnastics going on, Naomi could swear there were two of them in there. She would feel a kick in the upper left side and then instantly feel a kick in the lower right side. No way one baby could be that fast.

At the ultrasound where we found out that it was a baby Peri, we learned that it was definitely one. One baby. Or maybe two babies, one of them a skilled ninja, shadowing Peri's movements exactly so the ultrasound tech could never find him. We referred to this phenomenon as "ninja brother".

At the third ultrasound, we saw there was no more room for a ninja brother to be in there. We envisioned at Peri's birth we would see a teeny-tiny little shuriken break the window, then a teeny-tiny little grappling hook land in the room, then a teeny-tiny ninja, wearing a tenny-tiny shinobi shizoku would swing into our arms, where he would then become just a baby, and Peri's ninja brother.

This did not happen on July 22. Our Peri is an only child for now.

Naomi: Okay. So in the absence of a little ninja brother, we decided to dress Peri up as the Littlest Ninja.We made her costume complete with a little plush ninjato and a pair of plush shuriken. It was pretty much adorable. This is what she looked like.
Practicing her ninjitsu

trying to fool us into thinking she's just an ordinary  baby.

3 Months!

Our baby Peri turned 3 months a couple weeks ago, and she is getting bigger and cuter by the day! She makes so many sounds and is so close to laughing for us (she actually laughs sometimes in her sleep, but we haven't had a really good laugh when she is awake yet)! She's starting to put things other than her hands in her mouth, and she can hold her head up 90 degrees fairly consistently now. This achievement is admittedly a little on the late side, but it took us the longest time to get her to try to hold her head up at all. She's a very stubborn baby. She's also beginning to try to roll over from tummy to back! She gets pretty close sometimes, but then gets mad and gives up by putting her head on the floor, lying still and crying her little lungs out until one of us comes and saves her. It does seem she's starting to enjoy it more though, now that she can lift her head and look at things while she lays there.

Something that we think is pretty cool: she likes to look at the TV when we watch something. It's fun to see how transfixed she is with the movement and colors.

A few pictures I took of here having tummy time:

Oh. Hi Mom.
Sneaking up on her as she watches Three Men and a Little Lady

This movie is soooo good.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Peri!

Three posts in one day! I don't know if we can keep up this momentum. Basically, this week has been a week of Peri trying new things. We've set her up in an array of pillows so she can sit with us, we put her in her jumpy-thing more often, and just now, we tried rice cereal with her.

Peri saw the spoon and she just went for it. Opened her mouth nice and wide and let us pour in the gruel. She had a little difficulty swallowing, but didn't spit much of it back out. She started getting really irate after a few spoonfuls, so we stopped for the night, but we're going to try again tomorrow.

Uncle Ben came down from Spokane to visit us and Derek, and it was nice to have him. He just left, so now we're winding down for the evening.

All in all, it's been a good weekend...

gw, out.

Oh yeah, I have a mustache.

Some More Photos of Peri

We just dumped the memory card on our camera, so I thought I'd share some photos of Peri.

I like this one because Peri looks so soft and cozy.

Peri got a hold of my favorite hat.

The only door frame where we can hang her jumpy-thing happens to be the kitchen closet.

I try to keep Peri well-dressed. Here she is before church in front of the shelves I put up yesterday. We decided we needed a better place to put our board games and sewing supplies, and I had some pine out in the workshop, so we bought some decorative brackets and here we are.

Peri Sleeps Through the Night!

Well, here she is sleeping in the daytime. Because, well, we're asleep at night ourselves... We woke up the other morning and realized that it had been seven hours. We rejoiced a little.

Peri can also do some other cool tricks. She can lift her head all the way up when she's on her tummy. She can sit up with a little help from pillows and things. She loves to stand up when we hold her hands, and she gets a big kick out of pretending to walk with us.

Naomi found some cool software online that lets the user lay out a room. She took measurements of everything and lined it up and we learned that our living room was very poorly laid out. So, we've been rearranging the furniture. Yesterday I built some shelves for one corner of the room, and they were populated within ten minutes of completion.

Our good good friend Derek came home from serving a full-time mission this week. I took a half-day from work and we drove up to greet him at the airport. Yesterday we screwed around a little and we helped him assemble a desk for his room. I'm just really excited to get my cycling partner back.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Early Work

My boss asked some of us whether we're cool with coming in an hour early most days. Living as close as I do to work and with the girls usually asleep anyways, I volunteered. Just wanted to lay down a quick update before I head to work.

We've got a lot of product that is currently halted at work, which means backed-up and now a couple of canceled orders. We may have gotten to the bottom of the problem though, so that's good. I know production will appreciate getting back on track.

Started work on my hakama yesterday between conference sessions. Basically, I'm making a custom pair of really comfortable pants, typically used for the sport of kendo, but in this case I'm wearing them as part of a Halloween costume. Little Peri is the littlest ninja warrior for Halloween, and Naomi is a Roma this year... Needless to say, we spend our Friday nights at Jo-Ann Fabrics.