Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At Grandma's Part 4

While we were on the West Side, we decided to have a small early birthday party for Peri so Grandma and Uncle Gary could celebrate with her. We bought a cake for everyone to eat.

And also a cake just for Peri. It stared at her.

She stared back.

She didn't understand blowing out the candles, but she did think the flame was pretty.

You can see how she really felt about this cake, as she went straight for the eyes as soon as we blew out the candle.

Next she tore off the rest of his face and munched on the cakey goodness inside.

The battle was bloody, but Peri did prevail.

Grandma bought Peri some little people. There was a tractor and a farmer named Jed and some animals too. The tractor sings! She thought they tasted really good were really fun to play with!

Grandma gave us the very large gift bag to tote the toys back home with us. I thought maybe it could be a good alternative to a stroller. You know, like carrying around one of those purse dogs, only it's a one-year-old. It could catch on.

Peri didn't mind for about 2 minutes, but then she heartily objected, so I guess I had no choice but to let her out. The bag wasn't that comfortable anyway.

Later on, Grandma found some other little people things at the store. She got Peri a big barn with more animals and another farmer. We've named him Farmer Dej, Farmer Jed's evil twin brother. When we find a small enough sharpie, we're going to draw a teeny, tiny mustache on his face so it will be official. She very much enjoys playing with it. She especially likes to lock all the animals and farmers up in the silo together. I'm not totally sure what that means.

And that concludes our trip to Grandma's! Peri had lots of fun, and continues to enjoy her presents!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

4th at Grandma's Part 3

After fireworks and fun the night before, we went to Pointe Defiance Zoo early the next morning. When we got there, there were hardly any people there, so we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves. It was pretty fun. The first place we went was to the aquarium. Peri had fun roaming the halls with us checking out all the pretty fishes.

She still likes the sharks the most (they were her favorite when we visited 6 months ago too). I don't blame her. I mean, who doesn't like sharks?

We saw seahorses. 

And little fishies.

And Dory and Nemo (otherwise known as a Blue Tang and Clown Fish, but what's the fun in that?)

I don't even remember what these were, but they were glow in the dark and looked like they would bite if you got too close. What's not to like?

He reminds me of a Super Mario piranha plant.

We got to see the Tiger chillin' in his/her habitat, which she/he shares with the monkeys or chimps or orangutangs or something. Anyway, the tiger was out, so the monkeys were in, which was kind of a bummer because I think Peri would have really liked to see them swinging around (or more likely moseying around on the ground doing whatever it is that monkeys on the ground do, i.e. not being interesting, so I suppose the tiger was just as well).

We caught the Zoo's plumed mascot wondering why the ice cream stand wasn't open yet. You and me both brother.

And Peri got to run around and play with all the other little tikes at the playground for a little while. The ground is squishy.

But this is undoubtedly the best picture of the day! What a goofus I have for a baby.

We saw lots of other animals: Camels, Elephants, baby Spotted Leopards, Caribou, Yaks, Walruses, Penquins, and so on, but the internet will have lots of better pictures of those things than I took, and I took far too many, let me tell you. So if by some strange chance you've never seen a walrus, you can look up a picture of one online, or go support your local Zoo and buy a ticket for some great family fun!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July at Grandma's Part 2

Later on in the day, we went to look at the stalls again, and then settled down on Gary's lawn to watch the parade go by. Peri was... less interested. She played in the grass while we watched. It was an okay parade as far as parades go. Gary's favorite part was this big guy riding around on a motorcycle with a long beard and a coyote skin on his head. I don't know why he thinks that's so cool, but I must admit I've never seen anyone with a coyote on their head. Other than that guy though, we don't really remember much about it.

After the parade, we took Peri back to the beach because it was now warm enough to play in the (freezing cold) water. It looked like she was having a good time. 

But I'll let you be the judge.

And of course, some of the sand made it happily into her mouth. I guess she forgot that she doesn't think it's very good.

Later that evening, of course there were fireworks! In Grandma's town, the fireworks are shot off of a barge in the sound, and Grandma's backyard has the perfect view. They even built a deck out back specifically for firework viewing. Gary fired up the grill and we had bratwursts of all different flavors, baked beans, a couple of cold salads, and some other yummy things. Gary's mom spoils her guests that way.

We decided to try taking pictures of fireworks this year with Gary's camera. It is really hard to get the right settings. We tried following the advice from here, but our camera isn't as cool as theirs, and anyway I don't even know what settings they are talking about. At least not yet. Anyways, we got some okay shots and it was fun to try.

I think this one might be my favorite

And that was the end of our 4th of July. We did do some cool things the next day, but that will be in the next post!

Fourth of July at Grandma's House Part 1

So for the 4th of July, we went to Gary's mother's house to visit. In addition to seeing the fireworks and all that jazz, we went to the beach, to the zoo, and also had an early birthday celebration for Peri, who turns one soon! We had a great deal of fun, and were so glad to be able to go! We did so much, in fact, that I'm going to have to do multiple posts, because we took lots of pictures I want to show them all! Okay, maybe not all, but a whole bunch anyway.

We left the house somewhat early on the morning of the 4th so we could see the people setting up stalls at the market and take a little walk while the weather was still pleasant. Gary's mom lives right on the sound, and the area is very pretty!

We went over to see the ferry, and contemplated taking a ride on it, but we ended up not doing so.

Peri got tuckered out and slept for a little bit.

It was very hard to push the stroller through the sand. It was kind of fun trying though.

Peri woke up at the beach, so we took her out of the stroller and let her look around a bit. We were surprised that she loved it and kept trying to walk into the (freezing cold) water to play with the waves.

We did let her play in the sand, which she thought was pretty cool.

Daddy helped her draw in the sand.

Peri ate the sand. 

She decided it was not so yummy.

But she still had a good time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something wonderful

We have a nightly routine for putting Peri to bed. We brush her teeth, then read together for a few minutes, then have family prayer. Following that, we sit on the floor and let Peri play quietly. Tonight she was really loving her Little People barn (thank you Grandma!), and I grabbed my phone to get a video. She stopped what she was doing, took my phone from me and had a pretend phone conversation. Then she put the phone up to Naomi's ear, then mine, then up to the tower,fan in her room, then back to my ear.

I would have taken a video of it, but she had my phone.