Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fourth of July at Grandma's House Part 1

So for the 4th of July, we went to Gary's mother's house to visit. In addition to seeing the fireworks and all that jazz, we went to the beach, to the zoo, and also had an early birthday celebration for Peri, who turns one soon! We had a great deal of fun, and were so glad to be able to go! We did so much, in fact, that I'm going to have to do multiple posts, because we took lots of pictures I want to show them all! Okay, maybe not all, but a whole bunch anyway.

We left the house somewhat early on the morning of the 4th so we could see the people setting up stalls at the market and take a little walk while the weather was still pleasant. Gary's mom lives right on the sound, and the area is very pretty!

We went over to see the ferry, and contemplated taking a ride on it, but we ended up not doing so.

Peri got tuckered out and slept for a little bit.

It was very hard to push the stroller through the sand. It was kind of fun trying though.

Peri woke up at the beach, so we took her out of the stroller and let her look around a bit. We were surprised that she loved it and kept trying to walk into the (freezing cold) water to play with the waves.

We did let her play in the sand, which she thought was pretty cool.

Daddy helped her draw in the sand.

Peri ate the sand. 

She decided it was not so yummy.

But she still had a good time.

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