Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July at Grandma's Part 2

Later on in the day, we went to look at the stalls again, and then settled down on Gary's lawn to watch the parade go by. Peri was... less interested. She played in the grass while we watched. It was an okay parade as far as parades go. Gary's favorite part was this big guy riding around on a motorcycle with a long beard and a coyote skin on his head. I don't know why he thinks that's so cool, but I must admit I've never seen anyone with a coyote on their head. Other than that guy though, we don't really remember much about it.

After the parade, we took Peri back to the beach because it was now warm enough to play in the (freezing cold) water. It looked like she was having a good time. 

But I'll let you be the judge.

And of course, some of the sand made it happily into her mouth. I guess she forgot that she doesn't think it's very good.

Later that evening, of course there were fireworks! In Grandma's town, the fireworks are shot off of a barge in the sound, and Grandma's backyard has the perfect view. They even built a deck out back specifically for firework viewing. Gary fired up the grill and we had bratwursts of all different flavors, baked beans, a couple of cold salads, and some other yummy things. Gary's mom spoils her guests that way.

We decided to try taking pictures of fireworks this year with Gary's camera. It is really hard to get the right settings. We tried following the advice from here, but our camera isn't as cool as theirs, and anyway I don't even know what settings they are talking about. At least not yet. Anyways, we got some okay shots and it was fun to try.

I think this one might be my favorite

And that was the end of our 4th of July. We did do some cool things the next day, but that will be in the next post!

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