Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Something Useful

Note: This is a guest post by Gary, because he only realized after he finished that he wasn't logged in to his own account.
Hey! I build lots of useful things. Like this bunk bed.

We've been talking for a while on how the arrangements are going to be when baby Cora comes. We also would like the idea of having the option of having sleepovers in Peri's room. The answer was a bunk bed. A bunk bed we could make ourselves.

I've been following a woodworker named Matthias Wandel for about a year now, and among his more interesting projects, he has published plans for more practical works. We found his bunk bed plans and ran with them. Naomi did all of the material calculations, layout, and markup while I did all the cutting, drilling, and assembly. This worked out to three weekend trips to Grandma's, which Peri didn't mind at all.

My mom wasn't too sure about the whole operation until she saw it dry-fitted in the basement before we took it home. I think she liked it, and I sure do like it. We still have a long way to go with it, like sanding, sanding, rounding over the hard edges, filling some gaps, sanding, and painting, but it's a great addition to our home. And really, the only one who needs to like it really, really likes it. Behold: