Monday, January 21, 2013

Going Through a Cache of Photos

I found the camera's SD card and there is a big backlog of photos and events to talk about. We went over Christmas pretty well a few weeks ago, but there are some other things to talk about. Naomi had a birthday close to Christmas, and decided to make a mustache cake.

It's probably the best scratch-made cake we've ever made. The cake was German Chocolate, with store-bought coconut pecan frosting as filling, then a chocolate butter-cream frosting layer. Naomi and her sister Katrina had a great time with it. Katrina has a birthday on 24 December, so I can just imagine how short the short end of the stick was growing up. I think a mustache cake is the very least we could do.

We also pieced together a great snowsuit for Peri for sledding with us. The resulting view is one of the most adorable I've ever seen.

She is wearing just her tenni-runners here, but she also has a great pair of boots that go with and really complete the ensemble.

She's also learning maybe four new words or phrases every day. She usually wakes up before us, and comes to cuddle with us in the mornings. This will lead to playing peek-a-boo with us, only we say "there she is!" Peri now beats us to it. She'll pop out from under the blankets and shout "the-sh-iss", and it's getting better all the time. She learned both "cat" and "meow" yesterday, and figured out that a cat says "meow," which is pretty cool.

We went to visit my mom last week, which worked out to be pretty fun. We took the ferry to Anderson Island, which I haven't done in 23 years, and ended up hiking a couple of miles with a regional walking club. Peri was kind of bored in her stroller, and it did get pretty cold, so we didn't do the entire planned hike and turned back to the ferry dock.

Something that made me really happy, was how Peri fell in love with Grandma's piano. She was really calm and gentle about it, and didn't just pound the keys like we thought she would. I'm really very proud of her and found that we had to tear her away from it.