Monday, October 3, 2011

Early Work

My boss asked some of us whether we're cool with coming in an hour early most days. Living as close as I do to work and with the girls usually asleep anyways, I volunteered. Just wanted to lay down a quick update before I head to work.

We've got a lot of product that is currently halted at work, which means backed-up and now a couple of canceled orders. We may have gotten to the bottom of the problem though, so that's good. I know production will appreciate getting back on track.

Started work on my hakama yesterday between conference sessions. Basically, I'm making a custom pair of really comfortable pants, typically used for the sport of kendo, but in this case I'm wearing them as part of a Halloween costume. Little Peri is the littlest ninja warrior for Halloween, and Naomi is a Roma this year... Needless to say, we spend our Friday nights at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

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