Sunday, October 23, 2011

Peri Sleeps Through the Night!

Well, here she is sleeping in the daytime. Because, well, we're asleep at night ourselves... We woke up the other morning and realized that it had been seven hours. We rejoiced a little.

Peri can also do some other cool tricks. She can lift her head all the way up when she's on her tummy. She can sit up with a little help from pillows and things. She loves to stand up when we hold her hands, and she gets a big kick out of pretending to walk with us.

Naomi found some cool software online that lets the user lay out a room. She took measurements of everything and lined it up and we learned that our living room was very poorly laid out. So, we've been rearranging the furniture. Yesterday I built some shelves for one corner of the room, and they were populated within ten minutes of completion.

Our good good friend Derek came home from serving a full-time mission this week. I took a half-day from work and we drove up to greet him at the airport. Yesterday we screwed around a little and we helped him assemble a desk for his room. I'm just really excited to get my cycling partner back.

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