Monday, October 31, 2011

3 Months!

Our baby Peri turned 3 months a couple weeks ago, and she is getting bigger and cuter by the day! She makes so many sounds and is so close to laughing for us (she actually laughs sometimes in her sleep, but we haven't had a really good laugh when she is awake yet)! She's starting to put things other than her hands in her mouth, and she can hold her head up 90 degrees fairly consistently now. This achievement is admittedly a little on the late side, but it took us the longest time to get her to try to hold her head up at all. She's a very stubborn baby. She's also beginning to try to roll over from tummy to back! She gets pretty close sometimes, but then gets mad and gives up by putting her head on the floor, lying still and crying her little lungs out until one of us comes and saves her. It does seem she's starting to enjoy it more though, now that she can lift her head and look at things while she lays there.

Something that we think is pretty cool: she likes to look at the TV when we watch something. It's fun to see how transfixed she is with the movement and colors.

A few pictures I took of here having tummy time:

Oh. Hi Mom.
Sneaking up on her as she watches Three Men and a Little Lady

This movie is soooo good.


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