Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This is of course Peri's first, and we went to the ward Halloween party on Friday to take her Trunk-or-Treating. We felt a little bit like schmucks, because obviously she is a little too young to be eating any of the candy, but we went anyway. We dressed her up as a ninja, and she was the cutest (and most dangerous) baby ninja there ever was.

There is a story behind this costume. We've had it in mind since before Peri was born. Gary tells it best.

Gary: Way back when Naomi was pregnant, when she first started feeling kicks and punches and general baby-sized gymnastics going on, Naomi could swear there were two of them in there. She would feel a kick in the upper left side and then instantly feel a kick in the lower right side. No way one baby could be that fast.

At the ultrasound where we found out that it was a baby Peri, we learned that it was definitely one. One baby. Or maybe two babies, one of them a skilled ninja, shadowing Peri's movements exactly so the ultrasound tech could never find him. We referred to this phenomenon as "ninja brother".

At the third ultrasound, we saw there was no more room for a ninja brother to be in there. We envisioned at Peri's birth we would see a teeny-tiny little shuriken break the window, then a teeny-tiny little grappling hook land in the room, then a teeny-tiny ninja, wearing a tenny-tiny shinobi shizoku would swing into our arms, where he would then become just a baby, and Peri's ninja brother.

This did not happen on July 22. Our Peri is an only child for now.

Naomi: Okay. So in the absence of a little ninja brother, we decided to dress Peri up as the Littlest Ninja.We made her costume complete with a little plush ninjato and a pair of plush shuriken. It was pretty much adorable. This is what she looked like.
Practicing her ninjitsu

trying to fool us into thinking she's just an ordinary  baby.

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  1. Lol! She looks absolutely adorable! Cute little Peri... mayhaps I'll be able to meet her before she gets all grown up! :)