Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Weekend

We've had a pretty good weekend so far. Except for Peri being particularly resistant to naps and therefore cranky all day (but we got through it okay), we had some pretty good news this morning! Gary got offered an interview at Union Pacific Railroad! This is definitely a preliminary sort of interview, and it is in no way certain that he'll get anything more, but it feels so great to finally get another interview after six months of literally nothing! It's been like banging our heads against a wall. His interview is in 2 weeks in Portland, OR. That's quite a drive, as it'll cost us money that we'd really like to keep to ourselves, but we can't afford not to follow up on a chance like this. So we're mostly just excited and crossing our fingers and hoping this is the answer to our prayers we've been keeping an eye out for. We'd appreciate any prayers that any of you'd like to send our way too!

The only downside if Gary gets this job is that we'd move around probably every few months for the 18 month training period, and Gary would be on call day and night and would probably work a 50hr week or so. Anyone who knows me knows that I have no problem moving around (in fact living in the same place for even 2 years is very, very hard for me) but we have no idea how that will effect Peri. Gary will probably have a hard time with it too, and think of all the packing and unpacking we'll have to do! We'll be pros by the end though. The 50hr week will mean less time at home with his family, but we'll just have to spend a lot of quality time together when he is home.

That's still an "if" scenario, though, and right now we're content to hope that this might be just what our family needs. Hopefully the good ju-jus keep rolling in!

Now just for fun, gratuitous family pictures!

The whole family! I have to work on putting everyone in a spot where we all get enough light on our faces.

These two are so cute together!

Peri loves the feel of Daddy's stubble : P

That's all for now folks! Good Night!


  1. Congrats on the interview!! I think we are going to be in Portland in 2 weeks also, Chris has an interview on the 10th, and I am tagging along to see the area. After the initial training period would the moving around and hours decrease?

  2. I think the moving would slow down, but as for hours, I think business hours for the railroad are "all the live-long day"- Gary

  3. Chris said his Grandpa worked for the Union Pacific Railroad as an electrician and loved it, he had great benefits, and a great retirement.

  4. Yeah, that's pretty much what we've seen too. It would be a really great thing if Gary got this job, but for right now it's still quite a long shot. My Grandpa used to work for the railroad too!