Friday, January 13, 2012

Peri Picture Dump

Gary and I have been wanting to learn how to use our camera better for a while now, but we haven't made much progress for various reasons. The past few days though, I've been reading up on how to take better pictures, and what better way to practice than to take pictures of my beautiful (and very photogenic) daughter? These pictures haven't been messed with in any way, other than some cropping here and there.

What I'm focusing on right now is how to adjust shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to compensate for lighting conditions. The following photos were taken with the noon sun shining through our window, which makes for really pretty colors but very harsh shadows. For a first experiment, I think I did okay!

 Without further ado, Peri!

I wish I had a little more light on her face so I could see her features better.

Just playing a little with perspective in these next few pictures.

I love the face she is making here!

It's actually really hard to capture Peri smiling this big, so I'm really rather pleased with this.

There will  probably be more of these little "photo shoots"  in the future, but hopefully they'll get better as time goes on!

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