Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Even More Photographs of a Family Nature

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine at work asked me, "so with a new baby, have you come home to find your living room transformed into a photography studio yet?" Now I can say that I have. This friend has since ordered a professional grade backdrop and some other camera hardware. For the time being, we're still using fabric cuts from our supply, but we may see some more legitimate stuff in the future.
This turned out to be a good picture of me and Peri sure is interested  in something.

Our little family. We're still figuring out how to get more light onto Peri without overexposing the whole image.

This one was just fun.

This happened just after a "pulling Mom's hair" incident. We're still working on the idea  that pulling hair really hurts.

This was from a previous session, but I'll include it with this set because I'm kind of fond of this little one.

Although I will admit I'm also fond of Mom. 
When the weather warms up a little bit we're going outside for more pictures; maybe we'll get some shots of us doing our outdoors playing. We've still got that Kelty carrier we haven't used yet.

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