Saturday, December 3, 2011

Peri's Four-month Checkup

Peri just went to the doctor for her 4-month well child checkup, and I like to brag about how big she's getting!

She weighed in at 15lbs 13oz which is in the 86th percentile, and she's 26 1/2 inches tall, which is in the 97th percentile! She's so big and can do so many things now!

Probably the cutest and simultaneously not cute thing she does is pitch a fit every time I do something she doesn't particularly care for. Putting her clothes on, for example, gets me some very funny "not cool mom" shrieks. I think it's funny for now, but it can only bode a very big temper later on. We'll see how we deal with that when the time comes.

Gary is very excited that she is vocal and can tell us what she wants and doesn't want by her reactions. He enjoys the communication and the random babbling. We love our beautiful baby!

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