Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our New Place

So a few people have been clamoring for me to put up pictures of our new place in Yakima. I only have phone pictures of before we moved in. We're still unpacking and have lots of stuff scattered everywhere, so no pictures of that.

But yes, here they are in all their sad glory:

This is walking in the front door. Sorry for the glare! Those are the dining room windows.

From the entry way over to our master bedroom, where Gary is lounging about. Our bedroom has a bathroom and a walk-in closet that can fit a twin size bed in it and still have room left over.

From the entryway into the hallway toward the second bedroom.
From the hallway to the second bathroom. That is the linen closet and at the end of the hall is the third bedroom. I apparently forgot to take pictures of any of the rooms. Oh well.

This is looking into the living room from the hallway. There are three doors in our living room. The one on the left is the laundry room, the one in the middle goes to the garage. The right one is a coat closet.

This is the kitchen! It is lovely.

And here is the back yard. It is small, but definitely big enough for us to play in. We want to get a play toy for Peri eventually. At least a slide. 

So there you have it! Our new place. It is very large and we don't have enough furniture for it yet. But soon!


  1. YOU HAVE COUNTER SPACE!!!! You're now officially adults. Having a really cute kid gets you close, but the real stepping stone is counter space. I'm really happy for you. I'll come see it next week.

    1. You know, I totally feel that way too. It was one of the main things I was looking for when I was browsing houses. We even bought our very own brand new washer! How's that for grown up. We are looking forward to your visit!

  2. It's HUGE! Well, definitely huge compared to your last apartment. It looks so nice, Nomi! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you get it all set up and personalized. Is it weird to have so much space to spread out? You even have a bit of a backyard with grass!! That's awesome. Now all you need is a dog to put back there... I have one if you don't mind the owner coming too. :D

    1. yes it is weird! We don't have enough furniture for our living room and bedrooms. The only place that looks filled out is the crafty-office room. And we're still thinking about getting a bigger, two-person desk so Gary can have his own computer in here. But we love, love, love having all the space, and we're going to concentrate on not making it too cluttered up with useless furniture. Right now our house looks pretty sad. Mostly because we have no furniture to organize our stuff with. We can't wait to organize!