Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peri Likes... again

So here is another photo dump of our cutie little girl. It is hard not to take pictures of her all the time. Thank goodness for phone cameras!

Peri Likes Her Vacuum Cleaner

She likes it so much, that she sometimes wants to take it with her on car rides. It doesn't fit very well in her car seat with her, but she makes it work.

Peri Likes Potty Training

Or she at least likes to sit on the toilet every once in a while. We've been a little lax with it since the move, but she still asks to sit on the potty every once in a while. I think we'll get back into the swing of things after the holidays.

Peri Likes Shaking Things

But the only picture we have is this one of the rattle that our friends got her for her baby shower. She still enjoys shaking it like a maraca every now and then. She also likes to shake bottles with stuff in them. Like pill bottles. If she happens to find one that we left lying around for some reason (big no-no parents...), we let her have a little fun with it before we put it back out of her reach. She also likes the spice bottles.

Peri Likes Photobombing

I think we may have a prodigy on our hands.

Peri Likes Sunglasses

And she looks especially adorable in my hideously large and cheap pair that nevertheless do their job of keeping out the sunlight.

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