Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Couple More Picture Frames

So, I liked the sonogram frame that I made for my friend Emily so much, that I made one for me too! It looks much different, and I wrote something different on it as well. I think I actually misquoted the saying (I don't know who to attribute it to...) but it's just for me so it doesn't really matter. This is what mine looks like:

The lettering could definitely use some work.  This one looks more like me. I probably actually was that huge!

I also wanted to make a frame like this for my sister's wedding gift, so I made a prototype with one of our wedding pictures. It's good I made one for us first, because there are a couple things I'll probably change for my sister's. The quote is by Robert Fulghum, and is apparently often mis-attributed to Dr. Seuss. Who knew? I think it applies to many couples though. I just printed the quote on regular printer paper, because this is only a prototype after all. I might reprint it on good cardstock sometime later, but for now I think it looks good enough for us. Gary says he likes it very very much.

We aren't as cute as Peri-fetus.
I want to use paper that has my sister's wedding colors, and I want it to have more embellishments. Ribbons and buttons and such. I'm not really good at that kind of thing though, so I think I'll enlist the help of a gal I know in my ward who is really good at scrap booking. I'm also not sure I dig the layout of the rings. It works good with this picture because the picture I used is oriented that way, but I might make it so that Sarah can use two pictures that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other. They also have children already, so I was thinking of perhaps doing a "Family is Forever" sort of theme with another picture frame.

So many ideas popping up all of a sudden. I was thinking of doing more of these sort of frames with special moments for Peri and the like, but I'm not sure exactly what to do. I guess as occasions pop up, I'll have brainstorming to do!


  1. The quote from the top picture frame comes from a children's book called Love You Forever. It is a great book, I remember my Mom reading it to me as a kid, so I bought it for Matthew and we read it to him :)

    The frames look great you are very creative!

  2. So where's mine? HEHEHEHEHE! Love you my Noma! You are super creative.

    1. Actually I was thinking about making you guys one. I just hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to make yet. I have a couple ideas though!