Friday, March 30, 2012

Swim Lessons and Oral Surgery

I had my wisdom tooth out this morning. I have only ever had just the one, and it was perfectly comfortable in its place for all these years. We went to the dentist last week, and he suggested I make an appointment to have it taken out. I scheduled the time off work and worried. I went to work this morning for an hour to wrap up a project and we went. What would be in store for me? Could I handle this?

The extraction from start to finish lasted fifteen minutes. They numbed me. They pushed on it. I heard a cracking sound, and we were done. I've been chewing on gauze for the last four hours.

We ran to Walmart afterwards to get recovery supplies: ice cream for milkshakes, fruit and vegetables for smoothies (pineapple/cucumber/spinach is actually really good), chicken broth, and penicillin. We were there before the pharmacy even opened. This would prove to be problematic considering Peri had her first swim lesson at 10:00.

We decided that it is important to be able to swim, and Pullman Aquatic Center has an excellent infant swim program. Classes run for a half hour every Friday morning for a 12-week course. Peri did really well. She's a great little infant swimmer.
Peri is excited to get into the pool.

"This is the way we wash our hair. In the swimming pool."

Peri can float pretty well.

Also very excited to have Mom with her.

I'm coming for you, Dad.

I'm going to get you, Dad.

Bye Dad! I'm swimming this way now.
Waiting for Naomi and Peri to get ready, I checked my email to find an invitation for a phone interview at a place in Wisconsin, a place which is aware that I'm not from Wisconsin and would therefore offer a relocation benefit. This excites me.

I've had a pretty eventful day, and all before 12:00.

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  1. we loved swimming lessons too! So much fun. I hope you recover quickly from the wisdom tooth removal. Awesome news about the interview too!