Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few more pictures, just because.

I had the urge to take more pictures of my beautiful baby girl this morning! She's so cute It's hard not to take pictures all the time. And with a newly charged battery, I had no reason not to!

So here are a few pictures of my baby doing her baby things! (oh, and please ignore the mess in the background. thank you!)

She likes to cruise around the coffee table pretty much all the time. She still can't quite get up on her own, but only because she has trouble navigating the overhang.

I love her eyes! Where did you get such pretty eyes?

Seriously, can you get any cuter than this?

Apparently it is possible.

This is her spanning the distance from coffee table to couch. She likes to go back and forth.

Random picture of mom just for fun! Does she look like me yet?

Peri thinks the lens cap is a good thing to chew on. I suppose she would know, being the resident teether and all.
On another note, I can finally see and feel her very first tooth coming in! Go Peri Go! Mom is so excited!

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