Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peri Likes...

The best part about having a baby is that there is just no end to all the cute things they do! Which is a good thing, because I've found that Grandmas and Grandpas really like to see pictures of their grandchildren. So to appease all the relatives, here are a couple random things that Peri likes:

Peri Likes Graham Crackers 

Who doesn't like graham crackers?
She's gotten really good at feeding herself lately. She especially loves to gnaw on graham crackers.

As always, a picture of her beautiful blue eyes. She has her daddy's eyes.

When she's done eating, she tries to escape.

Peri Likes the Pie Safe

Peri crawled onto the bottom shelf of the pie safe the other day and stood up in it. She's a little too tall to stand up all the way, but sometimes that doesn't stop her from trying.

She pretty much just cruises around in there.

And plays with the plastic bags on the door.

Peri Likes Pajamas

Peri was playing behind the couch yesterday, and when I looked in on her, she had her arm in her pajamas and was crawling around with them in tow. She must really like her pajamas. The pictures are a little blurry, but she was moving around and there wasn't a lot of light at the time.

She also found something else to play with.

Yo Mom.

I don't even know how to caption this cutie pie look.

Peri Likes Mixing Bowls 

Peri was exploring the kitchen while I was cooking or doing dishes or something, and she came across the mixing bowls. They're metal, so they make good noises.

She usually pulls them out standing up.

Then realizes you can play with them easier if you have both hands.

Nom nom nom

Peri Likes Getting Into Things She Isn't Supposed To

That's how babies work, I'm told.
This here is the box we have the remote controls in. We're working on leaving the coffee table boxes alone.

But this time we just let her play with them. A kid's gotta explore right?

Dad brought home some component reels to play with.

Peri was all up into them in no time.

We try not to let her eat them, but sometimes she sneaks some in anyway.
And those are some things Peri likes. The End.

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