Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peri's Very First Easter

This year we spent Easter at Grandpa's house. We had a pretty good time. We got there a few hours earlier than Grandpa and Caroline were expecting us, so we decided to take advantage of the nice sunny day and go on a sort-of hike. We brought the baby backpack for just such an adventure. It was the first time we used it, and let me tell you, it's pretty awesome.

At the start of our walk.
 We suspected that we needed to adjust the seat so that her head poked out more, but we didn't want to bother with it right at that moment.

She seemed happy enough anyway.

 Mom is here too! Popping a silly pose.

Peri even christened her backpack by spitting up her lunch in it. Sweet potatoes, for those interested.

Gary likes this picture of the two of them. He looks mighty dashing I think. Peri seems, indifferent.

Fun story. Gary was waving at the camera.

And that's when he saw them. The eagles! I totally forgot about them! A mating pair of Bald Eagles made a nest last year in the state park Gary's dad works at. Gary remembered, but didn't think we'd see them. If he had mentioned them before we left, I would have brought the zoom lens! We'll just have to make do with the pictures we were able to get of them.

On the first fly by.

We took a break to switch baby carriers. She was pretty confused as to why we just set her down on the ground like that.

 But was happy to be picked up by mom a little later!

Gary found the aerie and there were a couple eagles sitting in it. They decided to fly off as Gary got closer though.There was a gray one flying around, which we have been told is the adolescent one. It's just about grown up though.

After our hike, we went to Ellensburg where David (that's Grandpa's name) treated us to a nice dinner at a steakhouse there. It was very, very good.

We were all prepared to sleep in the living room at Grandpa's house, but they checked us into the Vantage Motel for the night. Peri had trouble sleeping in her travel crib, so she got to sleep with mommy and daddy and everything was okay after that.


 On Sunday, we went back to Grandpa's house to hang out. Peri was busy crawling around and exploring, so Grandpa started crawling around with her too! Then she got a little shy and cried a bit and crawled away pretty quick-like. She's not quite sure about Grandpa yet, but I think she was warming up to him more as the day went on. The pretty dress that Peri has on is from Grandma. Peri looks so pretty in it! Thanks Grandma!

Caroline has a dog named Diva, and Peri was very happy to follow her around the house trying to get a good feel of her soft fur. Diva wasn't too sure about Peri on day one (Peri was able to get a fistful of fur), but they seemed to make friends on the second day with some coaching from Caroline and Mom on how to pet nicely.

All in all, we had a good time and a good Easter! Thanks Grandpa and Caroline for having us this weekend!

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