Friday, April 27, 2012

A Little Hike

A couple weekends ago, we decided to take Peri for a walk. It was such a nice day outside, that we went ahead and took her backpack all the way to Kamiak Butte. This was Peri's second time in the backpack, and I think she liked it rather well.

Though photographic evidence suggested otherwise
It was Mom's Weekend at WSU, so there were a lot of people there to tell us just how cute Peri is. She may turn out to be awfully full of herself someday. 

Obviously, we brought the camera, so I took some pictures on the way up. Preeeetty.

And also when we got to the viewing area... or whatever it is called. While we were enjoying the view, we took the time to eat some lunch. Lunch is always so much better when  you eat it outside.

There were some farmers burning their fields.

We also made an attempt at a family photo. How awkward we look.

Peri looks like she's having a good time though.

There were some pretty wildflowers along the trail.

And the fields got really smokey. 
Look at all those pretty flowers though!
 Gary went to check out a wood structure. It looked pretty cozy from the inside. I don't think it would have kept out the rain though.

 Peri got sleepy on the way down. We used my hoodie so she could have a pillow to fall asleep on. We think she had a pretty good nap after that.

We're going to go again sometime!

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