Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peri's Shelves Part 2

We finished! Peri's shelves have been painted and moved to her room, where they have done loads already to keep her room clean and tidy. We have a couple baskets to put in place still, and I'll probably end up moving a few things around later, but for now it is just so nice! Here is a picture!

It matches Peri's changing table!
I just sort of realized that those colors are more suited to boy people, but I like them so I'm not sure  that I care. I guess if we ever have a boy we'll be all set. I asked Peri what she thought about them, and she gave me this look...

She looks like her cousin Michelle.

Promptly followed by this look, so I guess she likes them!

And also like her daddy.
 And now it's on to more awesome projects. Gary's getting ready to cut the bed arches out this weekend, if the weather's good. So excited! After they're cut, assembly is going to go pretty quickly, and then it's just sand and stain and we'll be sitting in a new bed frame! Yay!

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