Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Union Pacific

So! Gary got the results(?) back from Union Pacific yesterday and....

He did not get a second interview. Bummer.

We're actually not that disappointed though, because that means we don't have to live in a hotel in Omaha or live separately many many miles apart only seeing each other some weekends for 3 months and having Gary be gone for months at a time on training expeditions. If we had got the job, we would have been happy and dealt with it, but it was giving Gary some trepidation, as he would probably miss out on a lot of the things Peri will be doing in the next few months. So all in all, we feel that this is right for our family, and that Heavenly Father  is watching out for us and sooner or later, we'll find a job that is right for Gary and our family, and will give us some much needed stability. For now, we're happy with what we have.

And if that isn't a good feeling to have, I don't know what is.

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