Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moss Wreath

I made something cool for my St. Patrick's Day decorations! The full mantel decoration isn't finished yet, but I really like this wreath I made!

Sorry for the bad light, it isn't very bright out today, on account of the rainy windy storm outside. It's pretty crazy. Anyways! Gary is so nice to me, he's let me get a few things to make decorations for my new desire to decorate for all the various holidays that come up. Nothing fancy, but it's nice to have a little reminder around the house, and it's something I can change often. I like change!

Basically I just got a wreath form from Michael's  and hot glued moss to it until it was covered. It actually still has some bald spots if you look at it from the right angles, and I'll fix that when I get time to do the rest of the
decorations I have planned. For the flowers, I stole picked up some paint swatches (you know those papers that help you choose your paint color), cut out petals and leaves, and glued them together with a glue stick. I hot glued a button in the middle and then hot glued them to the wreath. The ribbon is from my ribbon stash.

While we were at Joann's I found some pretty ceramic Celtic crosses that I think will go well for the St. Patty's Day theme. Currently they hang on the wall like this:

I got a few things from the dollar store and have an idea or two of what I want to do on the mantle ledge with them, and hopefully it will turn out nicely. I'm also going to make a mantel banner/garland to go with. And I'll have more pictures when everything is done!

I really like this wreath, and plan on keeping it up through Easter, and perhaps Mother's Day as well. It makes a good Spring wreath in general. I love it!

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