Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peri's Shelves

I told Gary I wanted to take apart that blanket chest in Peri's room, because it was large and was impossible to get anything out of, especially since we space bagged our blankets and they now live in Peri's closet (because she's not using it yet, right?) So we went to work. There were about a billion screws in that thing, but it was worth it, because as we were putting the pieces against the wall I had an idea. Why don't we just use the sides and top and bottom to make shelves in Peri's room? Then I'd have a place to put Peri's blankets and burp cloths and toys and all the other stuff that is strung around the room. I've been avoiding cleaning it because I simply don't have space for everything! The blanket chest is partially to blame, I feel. So I made a quick sketch of what I wanted, and asked Gary if he could make it with the tools he had on hand. He said it was possible, but it'd be better if he had a table saw. So we got him a table saw out of our tax refund. And just for fun he got a drill press too! Because I'm a nice wife and I have many more projects in mind for him now.

Anyways, my lovely husband took my sketch and rendered it in Google Sketch Up, which is pretty nifty for measurements and things, but is a pain to work with, though we're getting better every day. The sketch up looks like this:

Pretty cool no? Also a very helpful reference!

Gary getting his tools out to get started.

A visit from a special helper!

We decided that putting the thing together with pocket hols would be best, since we don't yet know how to do fancy joinery, and we were working with plywood after all. Cabinet grade, but plywood nonetheless.

We came out to help again!
 This is what it looks like so far. It looks pretty good to me! There are a few minor things wrong, but nothing to get upset about. In any case it doesn't bother either of us enough to try to fix it. Now all we (and by we I mean Gary) have left to do is sand, paint, sand, paint, and sand, and we'll have an awesome shelf for all Peri's things!
We'll be sure to post when we have a finished product!

We've also got a few other things in the works. We bought wood for a bed frame that we're in the process of making a Sketch Up for. That's the next project on his list.
 I also want to add some shelves in the kitchen closet to make a pantry that fits my vacuum, broom and Swiffer, and all my appliances! Plus some storage space for cans and probably the china too. We'll see if we can't rustle up some scrap wood for this project.
After those are done, I've made a rough draft sketch of a new dresser that will fit both our clothes and also have a space for Gary's computer, which currently lives atop his dresser. This way we can put my dresser in storage for when Peri is older and she needs a dresser rather than a changing table.  We're very excited to get these projects going, and hopefully it will all happen sooner than later. I'm sure I'll think of some more things for him to do after these projects get done. I'm so excited!


  1. What a nice wife for letting him help with future projects. ;) I am a fellow nice wife. Great idea to reuse the pieces of the unwanted chest, and that picture of your husband with his helper is adorable! :)

    1. Thank you! Actually this new desire to make something I like out of something I have but don't especially care for has come from browsing blogs like yours! So thank you very much for the inspiration!