Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Guest Post I Guess

This post isn't about any of my usual stuff.

A friend from high school, Dana, started a blog a little while ago called emBody. It's a blog about bodies, and our relationship with them. So far the posts are mostly about women, but it's meant to be a dialogue about all bodies, male and female, and how we see them from our own unique perspectives. 

Dana invited anyone and everyone to contribute their thoughts to the blog, so I did. It is not the greatest piece of writing that I've ever done, and certainly there are better articles on the site (seriously, y'all should check them out), but they are my thoughts on what is such a sticky subject in our culture. My post is here if any of you want to read it.

Gary will be writing something for it in the future as well, as soon as he collects his thoughts and figures out what he wants to write about.

And if anybody does read the things on this site, Dana would love to see your contributions as well! The more the merrier! Her email address is posted here and there is also some information on how to post anonymously if you so wish.

If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this blog! It's already helped me see myself a little differently than I used to. Thanks so much Dana!

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