Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rolling Wheels

With the weather getting warmer and Peri getting bigger (so close to one!), we're finding a lot of fun things to do outside and inside. The farmers' market in Moscow is up and running every Saturday, so we make sure to visit and sample some good produce. Our first visit a few weeks ago brought us some jalapeno jam (really good). The last two weeks we've been getting a couple pounds of cherries to enjoy. Peri especially enjoys Bing cherries. This week we got a few pounds each of Bing, Rainier, and pie cherries. A pie is now baking in the oven, and we're already about out of the snacking cherries.

I got my bike fixed and tuned last week and have been pedaling to work. It's been a while since I've ridden, and I'm surprised to find I'm in better shape for riding than I thought I'd be. I can get to work in twelve minutes without too much of a struggle.

The big excitement this week is Peri's trailer came. We've been talking about it for a few weeks now and decided that a good activity for Peri and I to enjoy together is cycling. We looked around and found a single-seat trailer with really positive reviews and ordered one up. It took about ten minutes to put it together and it's great. Peri and I rode home from the farmers' market without too much trouble at all. She looks really cute in her little helmet, sitting in her little seat. She had a good nap for the first four miles, then had fun looking at all the scenery. Naomi picked us up at the end of the bike path as I'm not too sure about pulling a trailer up hills yet. I think we'll get a couple of years of service out of this trailer until Peri is big enough for her own bike.

We're getting excited to go visit Grandma next week. We're getting everything organized and packed up. I'm changing the oil in the car Monday night and on Tuesday, we're off!.

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