Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Peri is Having a Good Time

So! Since coming to Spokane, we've been going out and doing a lot of things with Peri, and she's been having a great time! And because words are boring, I'll just put up some pictures!

Cheese Face!
 So the lighting was bad when I took these pictures, but these are pictures of the kitchen mat, which Peri has claimed as her own favorite play toy. It's really gross, but she has so much fun with it I just can't tell her no.

She wraps herself up in it.

She drags it around with her.

And she tries to wrap other people up in it too (ew). But since no one will let her wrap them up in it, she puts it on the cat instead. You can barely see Puppy in these pictures, but he's curled up next to the vent.

One time she also got the mat over her horse and managed to climb up on it too. She used it as a saddle blanket while she rode her pony. It was the funniest thing! I went to get the camera, but she stopped before I could get a picture. Bummer.

 It also snowed a couple mornings ago, and we took the time to go out before breakfast and play in it! It was Peri's first time really tromping around in the snow (we've gone on sled rides and stuff, but she never wanted to actually play in it) and she had a blast!

Down the stairs.

The moment she realized there was a camera involved.
She is a sucker for cameras.
Tromping around.
More tromping.

Getting right down in the snow.
She didn't try to eat it though.
Gary also looking like a cheeseball.

We also built her very first snowman! She helped! This was the only picture I was able to get of it because the batteries decided to die right then. Go figure.

 Peri and I also did a couple crafts! We were at JoAnn's, and she really liked this hat, so we bought some glitter and feathers to jazz it up a little when we got home. She had so much fun with her glue and glitter, but she promptly took the feathers off, so I guess she didn't like how they looked on her hat.

She wears it while watching Caillou. Peri looooves Caillou.
Then we did another craft the next day, and she decided that feathers looked much better on paper than on hats.

She liked doing the paper craft so much that we had to do two! We both really like how this one came out. It's so shiny and sparkly and colorful! They are both hanging on the fridge right now.

We also decided to walk to River Front Park (it's about an hour or so walk from our house) one Saturday just for fun. We called up my sister Sarah and she brought her husband and the cousins over so we could walk there together. Peri got to sit in her stroller, but the rest of us walked. It was a bit colder than we thought, since there was quite a bit of wind. And since we had the small children walking, it took a while to get to the halfway point, Mission Park. We decided to call it a day and stopped at Mission Park to play instead. I think this Saturday we will start at Mission Park and go to River Front Park from there, and hopefully it will be a little warmer out then! Though it snowed again a couple mornings ago, so probably not.

Anyways, since the kids were tired of walking, and it was still a bit cold, we decided to take the bus home instead. It was Peri's first time on a bus, and she did really well! I think she had a lot of fun. It was a really good Saturday to spend with family! If only we had remembered to take a camera though.