Friday, September 14, 2012

Hazy Pullman and Sleeping Girl

There have been lots of forest fires in Idaho recently, and we here in Pullman are seeing some of the effects of that. It's been hazy here. Real hazy. It is as if there is a perpetual fog blanket on Pullman. The sun came up blood red today. Isn't that nice? I snapped a few pictures of it this morning.

This is the best picture of the sun's color this morning.

And this is the best picture of what all the smoke looks like.

It definitely smells like smoke too. So that's what we've been having fun with the past few days.

In other news, Peri is still sleeping in her big girl bed, and she loves it. When it comes close to time for her to wake up (or after Gary leaves and stops being so noisy) I open her room door a crack so she can come out whenever she wakes up. So far it has made a really happy little girl. It is so nice to watch her walking into the living room with a big smile on her face and no crying fits in the morning.

She is also really good at her bedtime routine. We tell her, " Peri, it's time to brush your teeth!" at about 7:30 every night, and she just drops what she's doing to go and get her toothbrush. She loves having her teeth brushed and then chewing on the toothbrush afterward. I think it is her favorite thing of the night.
Then she puts her toothbrush away when we ask her too, and goes to her room to get pajama'd all up. Then either Gary or I (we take turns) read a book to her while she plays. Currently the books are more for us than her; right now we're on the 7th book of the Artemis Fowl series (which is really good and unique and well-written, so you should all go read it. It's about a teenage criminal mastermind. What's not to like?) We had to read through all of them so Gary could catch up before I got to read the 8th and final installment.

Anyways, when we stop reading, it's time for family and Peri's personal prayers. Sometimes Peri even volunteers for prayer by folding her arms. It is the cutest thing she does. Since she doesn't talk yet, we help her with her personal prayers. After that we go back to the living room so I can feed her one last time before she goes to bed. Sometimes that puts her to sleep and it's easy-going, but sometimes it doesn't and I put her back on her feet and she walks all the way to her bedroom climbs into bed all by herself, where she lays down and doesn't get back up or play around or anything. She just lays there until she falls asleep while Mom or Dad sing bedtime and Primary songs to her.

We haven't have a crying fit bedtime for ages! And it's mostly because I have the sweetest, smartest, cutest, bestest little girl in the world. (Which all moms say, and it's always true)

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