Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peri's First Birthday Party! (a month late)

So, Peri celebrated her first birthday on July 23, a day after her real birthday, and it was a lot of fun and we have some good pictures, but I just realized that I totally forgot to make a blog post for all of our friends and family that didn't get to come! So finally, here is what we did!

First of all, Peri's birthday party was supposed to be My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed. We didn't get to do all the decorating that we wanted to, mostly because it was windy. We wanted to make the party look like one that Pinky Pie would throw for one of her friends. It did not turn out that way, but oh well.

Peri got to wear her pretty pink tutu from her grandma, and a cute rainbow shirt I found on clearance the day before. She was so cute all decked out in pink!

We made themed food, but forgot to take a picture of it before we all dug in. There were little sandwiches cut into star shapes (my mother and sister helped, and they put all the leftovers in bags so that they wouldn't go to waste. There were a lot of leftovers. Gary and I ended up making savory bread pudding out of them. It was soooo good!) We cut up lots of fruits and put them into rainbows with mini marshmallows for clouds. I saw the idea on pinterest! But we had too much fruit and our pans weren't big enough to make them rainbow shaped. So they just kind of sat there in colors instead. They still tasted just as good though! For drinks we made my favorite sherbert 7up drink! I remember having this all the time as a kid.

We had cake too! I went to a lot of trouble to make ice cream cone cupcakes, but on the way they all fell over in Gary's truck and got all over the floor, so Gary had to hurry to Dissmore's and buy a cake from there. The only ones they had were frozen though, so it was hard to cut the pieces. And I didn't have a knife, since we were supposed to be eating cupcakes. Oh well. We put the cake toppers we'd made for the cupcakes on the cake instead. The rest we put in a basket, and the children all had fun playing with them.

Peri got good and messy with her cake. She must think frozen cake is yummy :D

My nephew Kinton is such a silly kid, he asked if he could pose for the camera, and this is how he chose to do it! Pretty much the best pose ever!

Gary made a beanbag toss, which I painted with Pinkie Pie on it. I also made beanbags that looked like a cake, a cupcake, and an ice cream cone! The kids liked it I think. We still have it if anyone wants to come play!

We played Pin the Tail on the Pony, but forgot to take a picture of the rarity poster that I printed out. Afterward some of the girls taped the tails to their hind quarters. Sarah had a lot of tails!

Gary made the pinata! It is a dragon, for those of you who can't make it out. I had something else in mind, but Gary's vision came out waaaay better than mine. We were going to make a wooden sword to fight it with, but we didn't get around to it in time.

So we used a hurley instead. This is Peri taking a good chunk out of his wing with the help of her aunt Katrina.

And this is Sarah (a child of one of Gary's coworkers) giving the fatal blow!

The kids went crazy over the tootsie roll treats inside. Who doesn't like tootsie rolls? There were flavored ones for those who don't, for some inexplicable reason, like the chocolate flavored ones. Which are the best by the way.

Peri opened presents too. She really really loved these leopard print pants given to her by our downstairs neighbors. She couldn't wait to try them on! Peri loved all of her other presents too, and wears/plays with them all the time! Thanks everyone who came (and some who weren't able to) for making Peri's first birthday a special one!

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