Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Unexpected Turn

Last night was a pretty interesting night for us. We got to pre-register at the hospital before our Childbirth class, so everything is set up to go for when we have baby. We like Birthplace at Pullman Regional very much, they are so nice and they have a refrigerator full of snacks! This is very important.

So we're all nice and registered and this is where the fun happens! At around 6pm or so, just after we leave the hospital to go eat some dinner, I start to have cramping feelings in my back and tummy, accompanied by some sharp pains skittering around the edges. I didn't think too much of it at the time, because I feel these pains off and on every now and again, and they go away rather quickly once I change what I'm doing. This time they persisted all throughout dinner, and also through Childbirth class. By this time I'm not feeling so great, so at around 8:30pm we talk to our class nurse/teacher, and it is her expert opinion that we ought to take the long walk down the hall to the OB.

So we get there, we have all the instruments strapped to my tummy, baby seems to be doing fine, blood pressure is fine, but lo and behold, I'm having lots of contractions that don't seem to be Braxton Hicks.

The good news is: it doesn't seem to be pre-term labor at this point either. The contractions aren't getting more intense or closer together and they don't seem to be egging on the baby to get out of my tummy. For now, they've put me on modified bed-rest and I get to spend all my time at home doing nothing, which sounds great but in reality is quite boring.

In the end, the doctor gave me a drug that I can no longer remember the name of, and when I got home I slept like the dead and it was awesome. Unfortunately, it didn't stop the contractions from happening anymore,  as I can feel them going on right now. Hopefully they will subside on their own and baby will come out when she's supposed to, and not a day sooner.

I also wanted to say something great about Gary. He's so good to me. He was absolutely the best and held my hand and read me a story and was as concerned and attentive as he could be. He was calm and supportive during an ordeal that I'm sure was just as scary to him as it was to me. Peri is going to have the best Dad ever!

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  1. Well that was scary, eh??! I hope Peri stays inside like she's supposed to, as well!