Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, people have been asking, so I'd just like to say that I'm doing alright, the baby doesn't seem to plan on coming any time soon, and I'm off bed rest! Yay!

We also haven't heard from Purina  about that job in Iowa yet, so no good news, but no bad news either. I think Gary will give them a call sometime in the next week to get a definite answer. In any case, we're doing just fine where we are, though if anyone sees an engineering job suitable for Gary, let us know!

Mainly, we've been doing some packing at our house; getting ready for our move to the new place this weekend. We aren't planning to move all of it at once, since we have the whole month before we need to officially be out of there, but we want to have it done in the next couple weeks so we can have ample time for cleaning.

In something completely unrelated to anything, one night Gary was being silly and drew little faces on my toes as I sat on the couch. I of course returned the favor. There are X's on Gary's baby toes because Gary doesn't like them to be touched. He says it feels like they aren't on right, and they could fall off if you play with them too much. I'm sure he doesn't really believe that, but I leave them alone anyway.

Gary's faces on my toes

My faces on Gary's toes.

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