Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Projects and Adventures

Last night we went out with our very good friends Bridget and Adam Sweeney. We ate BLTs, potato salad, donuts and cookies in Todd Hall, and then wandered around the CUB for a while looking to take some fun and silly pictures! It was lots of fun for Bridget and I at least, and the boys were good sports. 
Bridget hang on!

Probably one of the best pictures of the evening because we had no idea what the others were doing.

About a week ago, we got Gary's sewing machine fixed, which led him to want to do a lot of projects involving sewing. One such project again revolves around the baby. He wanted to make a toy for her to play with, and with all the scraps lying around the house, he decided that cloth blocks would be pretty much awesome. And so far they are.

The first two blocks Gary made all by himself out of bits of shirts he didn't want anymore.

This is my favorite block so far. Her name is going to be Peri, after his grandfather (but not spelt the same way, obviously) So Gary made a block with her name on it. I cut out the letters and sewed them on, and did a rather meh job. But considering it was the first time I did something like that, I think it turned out okay.

Gary and I are pretty excited for this week, because we're attending our first birthing class on Wednesday!  It pretty much means we're getting close to done with this whole pregnancy thing (I don't hate it, but it certainly isn't my favorite state to be in). Just three short months to go!

On Thursday, we're traveling to Spokane to have a short camping trip with my brother, my sister, and her two children. We have a lot planned, and hopefully we'll have a really fun time and the weather will stay nice and sunny! Unfortunately, the weather forecast says otherwise. Still, we're holding out for a good weekend!

After we pack up on Saturday morning, Gary and I are taking my mom out to the movies for Mother's Day, and she's pretty excited about it. We're going to see Thor, which, she has told me but doesn't seem to remember anymore, was her favorite superhero growing up. It looks like it might turn out to be a good movie, but in any case my mom's not picky so she'll probably have a good time no matter what.

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