Monday, May 2, 2011

First Post for the new Family Blog

I've been told by all my friends that I should have a blog, because apparently it's the thing to do. I didn't know what to blog about, but since I'm married now and have a girl on the way, I suppose my life might get a little more interesting. One can hope anyway. I have also been informed that it's a good way to keep the people who care updated on what's going on in life. I've been following a couple of my friends' blogs, and so far it's been enjoyable, so I'll go ahead and say they're right. So I've decided to post pictures and whatnot of the things we do with friends and family and around the home. I'm also looking forward to figuring out just exactly how to customize a blog space and make it really sweet.

Gary (my husband) and I have had quite a few things going on lately, so hopefully anyone who reads this will enjoy seeing what we're getting up to!

So let's get started!

Gary and I are expecting a baby girl at the end of July, so we're doing a few projects to get ready for her. The first one we did was a changing table for her. At goodwill, we found this kitchen cabinet/bar thing that was obviously attached to someone's wall at one point. We had already taken off the cabinet doors and hardware before I thought to take pictures for before/after purposes. 
 The inside was a pretty color at least.
But the top was orange linoleum. Ewwww. It was cute though, because a nice Asian lady at goodwill said it was a pretty color. I agreed with her to be polite.
What we really liked were these rounded shelves on the end. Gives the whole thing some character.

After a lot of cleaning, sanding, painting and other shenanigans, we got a pretty cool-looking (in my opinion) changing table:
 Currently it holds our DVDs and other assorted junk, but that won't be the case forever.

We took off all that nasty linoleum and replaced it with foam and fabric for a nice cushy place to change the baby. We're not totally done with it yet, because we wanted to stencil on some other decorations, but we'll be moving to a new place soon, so we decided to hold off on that until we are resettled.

That's about all for now. We have a really packed week ahead of us though, so expect some new adventures soon!

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  1. That is a really cute changing table. i love it when people re-do furniture. It's so cool to see how things turn out.