Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Check Out Our New Header!

We've been meaning to update our blog header for about two years now, and I finally decided to act on it, so... behold, or whatever. I just want to say that MS Paint is a powerful tool and a no-frills way of making little things like this. Anyways, we'll be taking new pictures of our family here soon, and Naomi with all of her art, digital art, design, and layout experience can make a new and better header. I like to write, and use power tools.

Cora is ten-days old today, and back past her birth weight. We had to jump straight to size 1 diapers for her, and her newborn clothes are already a little iffy. I absolutely adore her, and Peri wants to hold her all the time. Both Naomi and Peri are thoroughly worn out for their efforts, seen here:

We've been very blessed to have Naomi's mom come and stay with us for a few weeks. Peri has enjoyed doing crafts and going to the pool with Oma.

Anyways, this is just to introduce my dumb little header. We're all doing fine.


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