Friday, February 14, 2014

Some Crafty Things

So Peri really really loves to craft and do artsy things, so we try to do something crafty a few times every week. A lot of times it's just Peri getting out the Elmer's glue and going to town making "glue art." I don't know why, but she really enjoys putting beads of glue on paper. She gets really focused and makes puddles and lines and is very precise in where she puts things. Just recently she started getting into the crafty bag and pulling out pom poms to stick to her glue art after she makes it. It's really cool for Gary and I to watch her be independently creative.

It's been a while since we've done a blog post, so I'll just go through some of the crafts we've made, even though a few of them are from earlier than Thanksgiving. Oh well.

Just after we moved into our apartment, Peri saw some cool My Little Pony fleece at JoAnn's and wouldn't leave the store without it. We got enough for her to make a pillowcase, and she adores it. She helped me make it by sitting on my lap and taking out the pins while I sewed. She just loves to watch the sewing machine go, and I'm looking forward to the time when I can teach her to do some actual sewing on the machine!

In all it's fuzzy glory.

The first thing she did was use it as a spring board.

With pretty good success.

Here she is "enjoying" it on Daddy's office chair.
For Thanksgiving we made a couple of hats, based on my nostalgia of 2nd grade when we totally made paper costumes for pilgrims and Indians. I remember I was really jazzed about wearing them to the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but nobody else wanted to wear them. Boooooo!

It fits!
Feathers are cool!
However she was only excited to wear it for 2.8 seconds. I guess maybe paper feathers aren't as cool as I once thought they were.

We also made a pilgrim hat, and she wore it for a while, but considering she has no idea what it is or what it's for, it didn't get much attention after the fist time it fell off her head. She's more interested in getting pictures taken of her than anything at this point. 

Yaaaaay. What is this mom?
I think it turned out pretty cool. I'd wear it.
Around Christmas time, she received a graham cracker house kit from our ward Christmas party to take home and assemble. We had a great time putting it together, and it turned out pretty awesome!

Peri mostly enjoyed the eating a sucker while we worked part.

If you are wondering what she's doing with the sucker, she's trying to dip it in whatever stray icing she can find on the house. She liked the icing better as dipping sauce than as mortar.
A bit more recently, Peri begged me for a craft to do (as she often does), and I went to the Pinterest board for ideas. Peri was quite taken with this one and since I had a bunch of buttons in Peri's favorite colors lying around, I said why not? I only have the one crappy phone picture of it to post, so just know that it is shinier and way more awesome in real life. We put it in a frame and will hang it somewhere someday. That's how much I like it. I drew the tree, Peri got to decide where to put the buttons, and I applied the hot glue for her. She's got a good sense of aesthetics I think. She even put some buttons on top of other buttons for that 3D effect! Awesome!

Button tree!
Peri has a whole wall full of crafts and pictures she's made, and we keep adding to it weekly. I have no doubt she'll have her whole room plastered with her artwork in no time. Her favorite thing is adding a new piece to her gallery. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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