Friday, November 8, 2013

Presenting: The Trifecta of Peri Likes, Fall 2013

Below is a video featuring three things Peri absolutely adores: Her yukata, her bike, and her wellies.

She got her bike clear back on her birthday, and it took a couple months to grow into it. Now that she's big enough, Peri is out riding about twice a week. What's really cool, and this is something that I'm proud of, is that Peri refuses to ride her bike without her helmet. She'll just sit in the saddle and not roll an inch until we get her helmet on her.

Six years ago, Naomi started a sort-of kimono for her then two-year-old niece. Needless to say, it finally got finished last week for our two-year-old. Peri absolutely loves her purple dress, and insisted on wearing no less than twice in the first week.

And finally, we have her wellies. Peri is a big fan of splashing in puddles, so it suddenly became very smart to have the appropriate footwear upon moving to the puddly side of the state. It turns out that Fred Meyer has a wellie section completely separate from regular shoes.

Just a quick update for all of you who can't get enough of our little Peri.

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