Sunday, April 21, 2013

We've Added to Peri's Backyard Playground!

Naomi and I made some additions to Peri's backyard play area. We were at the Home Depot, and in the cull bin was a big group of pressure treated 4x6 timbers for $2 per stick. A length of pipe, some clamps, and several bags of cement later, Peri has an awesome horizontal bar to swing on. She promptly figured out the best application for it:

We originally thought that the next addition would be a balance beam, but that was superseded by a push-cart. See, we found an old, old riding lawnmower on the side of the garden shed, and Peri immediately jumped up into the seat and grabbed the wheel. She wouldn't let go. I peeled her out of it and she ran right back to it as soon as I put her down. Peri just loves to drive. I wheeled her over to the playground area and a half-hour later we finally went inside. Later, after dinner, Peri went back out with me and my wrenches so we could "fix it." I removed the cutting deck and the engine, leaving the wheels, seat, frame, and steering. Peri was glad to help and kept asking me if I was "fixing it."

Now Peri has always been inclined to help me on projects. At six months, she was very adept at setting screws for me while building shelves. She really loved using the wrenches on this mower. When we were done, she was really happy to hop up into the seat again and steer.

So, next week, we'll get back to the balance beam project. In the mean time, we're driving.

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