Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peri Has a Slide!

So I've been wanting to get Peri something to play on outside for ages, but we just don't have the money or the space for an entire swing set. So instead we just bought Peri a small plastic slide. She loves it.

She slides sitting down

She slides feet first on her tummy

And she also slides head first on her tummy. She did it all by herself too!

She also likes to peek out from under the slide. What a goofy kid we have! 
This is one happy sliding kiddo!

Some of you may look at those pictures and think, "What does she mean they have no space?" because clearly, there is a lot of space in our yard, the only problem is this portion of the yard isn't fenced in, and that would make even more money to keep random passersby and destructive teenagers from hurting Peri's swing set (we're not so worried about her being kept in the yard, as she doesn't usually go outside to play without us anyway).

So yay for slides!


  1. That's so fun! Our kids have so much fun with our slide. It never gets old.

  2. I like playing with Peri on her slide... granted I just help her walk back up it like a the good aunt that I am.

    1. You are being a good aunt! Climbing up the slide helps her learn different things! She just has to learn to let other people go down too.