Friday, December 7, 2012

I like Papercraft.

I finished my first picture frame that isn't a sonogram today. I think it's cute.


Gary says he'd buy it.

I wanted to put some snowflakes in there, but I don't have a punch or any snowflake embellishments, and there's no way I could cut out something that small and intricate. A giant intricate snowflake, that's no problem, but I don't think it would fit. I think my favorite part of this picture are the poofballs on her boots. It is in my etsy shop!

I'm also working on another silhouette project, and it's a big one. It's just for me, not to sell, but it's still pretty awesome. I'm working on a nativity. Each element of the nativity gets it's own frame, so it takes up a nice portion of my wall. So far I have the star, two angels and the three wise men with a camel. I'm going to do the shepherds next, then the animals, and then Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus in the stable. I can't wait until it is finished! Gary is very excited for it too.

In other news, Peri just heaved her guts all up all over Gary and I at dinner today. I didn't know she could have that much food in her stomach. Good times.

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  1. It's so adorable, Nomi! Look how talented you are!!